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LevixReader~Stealing the Cravat.
It was late into the afternoon and everyone had the rest of the day off since training and cleaning was done, since Jean was bored one afternoon he decided to gather some cadets and play a game of Truth or Dare. You scowled, why the hell did you agree to this? The last time you played this game you ended up doing dishes for two weeks. You shuddered at the memory, that was one memory you wanted to forget fast, and you did not want to repeat of what happened, lets say being stared at by an angry Corporal was not fun at all.
So far Eren, Armin and Connie had done dare while Sasha and Christa done truth. You crossed your arms, allowing a sigh to escape your lips, a quiet one at that.
Jean looked at you and gave a grin, a sadistic one at that. You twitched an eyebrow, you didn't like that grin, not one bit.
“Alright _____, truth or dare.”
You breathed out slowly. “Dare.”
Most of them looked at you in surprise that you would choose dare, since they thought you wouldn'
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LevixReader {Matchmaker with Glasses}
_____ had a problem, now what was the problem? Was it with training? Was it her gear? Was it with one of the cadets? No, it was none of those at all.
The problem was a certain raven haired Corporal. When she was around him she felt weird, she couldn't explain the feeling she had and nobody from the infirmary would tell her anyway, when she looked at him it was fine but when he looked at her she felt odd.
It had first started with innocent glances in the mess hall after Jean pointed out he was staring at the (h/c) haired female.
She had assumed she saw him as her superior and he saw her as a mere cadet, but she wasn't too sure anymore, she didn't want to say anything to him, the reason? Simply really, she was slightly afraid Levi wouldn't return the affection, he wasn't the type of man to show his emotions so she left it and simply didn't say anything at all.
But the feeling drove her crazy, it plagued her thoughts. She sighed and then rubbed the back of her neck and went on with her da
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Tickle Fight With The Captain||Levi X Reader||
"Levi Heichou~" You called out to Levi your...well...lover. He looked up from his papers, and met with your (e/c) eyes.
"Yes (Y/n)?" He lifted one eyebrow up, while he spun his black pen around in his fingers. You smiled cheerfully and brought your chair over to his side. You leaned your head on his tense shoulder, that soon relaxed once he felt your touch.
"Guess what?" You questioned.
"I love you." You said while nuzzling your head on his shoulder. He chuckled, and brought his hand up to your face, placing his thumb and index finger on your chin. He turned around in his chair to face you, making you bring your head off his shoulder and look him in the eyes. You smiled softly, as he leaned in and placed his lips on top of yours. They moved slowly against yours, until he pulled away, and stared at your features lovingly.
"I love you more." He finally spoke. You giggled and pecked his lips once more.
"You should take a break, you've been working non stop for the past hour..." Yo
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[Levi x Reader] Much Needed Support -AU- Drabble
Piles of papers were on the table while some were on the floor. You sat on the couch, your eyes focusing on the paper at your hand, mumbling the words written on it. Hell week had just begun. You were in what seem like an endless battle against exams, projects and paperworks and it drove you insane. How can someone pull this thing off?
Your hand blindly reached for your coffee cup on the table but you only managed to knock it off. You stared speechless at the coffee as it soaked through the papers while some of it dripped to the floor.  An impending headache started to form and you pinched the upper bridge of your nose to stop it.
You buried your face on your hands and sobbed quietly. This was just too much.
You heard the soft padding of footsteps towards you.
"Oi, why the hell are you still up," Levi pried your hands away and upon seeing your tear-stricken face, he frowned."You look like shit."
"I know... and... I feel like... shit, too." you said in between sobs."I... I d
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Noiz X Aoba by Ero-Pinku Noiz X Aoba :iconero-pinku:Ero-Pinku 848 40 Rin by Ero-Pinku Rin :iconero-pinku:Ero-Pinku 489 39 Deadlock by Van-Syl-Production Deadlock :iconvan-syl-production:Van-Syl-Production 218 27 Demon of The Red Horizon by greatyu Demon of The Red Horizon :icongreatyu:greatyu 56 148 Rin Matsukoka - Free! by Monsohot Rin Matsukoka - Free! :iconmonsohot:Monsohot 181 6
Reno Xreader Chapter 8
Reno Xreader Chapter 8
“I asked him to come and talk to you (Name).” Rude whispered as you pulled him off to the side questioning him about the cloaked man sitting in your living room
“He creeps me out Rude!” You whispered back “And he doesn’t even look my father’s age so how could they have been good friends back in the day?”
“Just listen to what he has to say (Name).”
You sighed but agreed walking back into the living room to take a seat next to Reno.
“Mr. Valentine, I’m ready to hear your story….” You said as you held tightly onto Reno’s hand.
Vincent explained everything, the experiments, him not able to age, and his inhuman powers he obtained from the experiments …
“Your father met a similar fate as mine.” He said as he finished his story. “And I can tell you exactly ware to find him…”
You were on the edge of your seat ready for his answer Reno just as curi
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Soft (CloudxReader)
You were situated behind the closed bar of Seventh Heaven, cleaning the last of the dirty dishes while Tifa had taken Denzel and Marlene out for the day, leaving you to mull around in your own thoughts.
When the front door opened you kept cleaning while calling out, “back already Tifa? That was quick,” as you placed the last mug away.
When you didn’t receive an answer you turned around and your eyes widened, not expecting to see Cloud sanding in the middle of the room staring at you.
“Oh, I thought you were Tifa,” you laughed.
“Sorry, I didn’t think anyone was here, I’ll be gone shortly,” he replied quickly, moving toward the stairs.
“What’s the rush Cloud?” you asked curiously and he stopped to peer back at you before shrugging his shoulders. You went to say something else but there was a sneeze and you stopped, your eyebrows furrowed in confusions.
“What was that?” You asked; eyes narrowing as
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[Rin] Tenerife Sea
Rin Matsuoka x Flutist!Reader
A/N: Listen to this song while reading
You look so wonderful in your dress
I love your hair like that 

The way it falls on the side of your neck 

Down your shoulders and back

Stuffing his hands into his Samezuka team jacket, Rin stood up to get out of the train. Casually making his way out of the station, he barely took three steps out into the fresh air when he felt a body collide into his, causing him to stumble back a little.
Over the sound of a file falling to the ground, Rin heard a soft gasp, which soon followed by a thud.
He was about to snap at the person who ran into him like that, when he noticed a girl on the ground in front of him, holding on tightly to a long black case against her chest.
“Tsk… You alright?” He asked as he offered her a hand up.
“Y-yeah I’m fine,” she muttered, gingerly taking his hand as he
:iconicyfalls:icyfalls 330 98
Mature content
Something like love Levi x Reader AU :iconpepper-pomegranate:Pepper-pomegranate 24 7
Just 10 Steps [Levi x Reader]
Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan
Just 10 Steps
[College AU] Levi x Stressed!Reader
A/n: Really long fic ahead.

1- Draw
You slammed the pencil down on the mahogany surface of your desk. Your breaths came out as soft pants. You couldn't take it anymore, the homework, the projects, the cramming for your exams, it was all too much. The pressure was on and there was no going back.
You cursed yourself for switching majors halfway through the year. Catching up wasn't easy and you still hadn't managed it. Your thoughts ran wild as you ran a hand through your (h/c) locks.
"Finally had enough?"
Your boyfriend's words somehow managed to reach your ears. A shaky breath escaped your lips and you nodded. You heard his footsteps come near you and he placed a piece of blank copy paper in front of you.
"Draw." Levi's voice was barely above a whisper. He knew that you had a passion for drawing, even before the two of you started going out. You would draw anything you liked in your sk
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Daisy {Levi x Reader}

The song that goes along with this fic is here!

“The arrival, tearing the silence into pieces, was a predestined encounter for our sake. And so, you, with regret showing in your grieving eyes, You wore your sorrow and bloomed beautifully.”
Tears fell hot from your hues, hands tossing away the very trouble of your existence. It was hard for you to handle. It was hard for you to grip at.
After all the work you endured, this was your reward?  This is how it was going to turn out? All the colleges had turned you away despite your top scores and amazing grades. You were nothing to them, hell, your friends were off living their life without you. You were trapped in this damned situation.
Overwhelmed by a wave of emotion, your heart shattered like glass and your digits began to work on their own. The ripping of paper rung throughout your bedroom, each shred collapsing against the floor and taking your
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Levi doing housework by uke-a-chan Levi doing housework :iconuke-a-chan:uke-a-chan 26 6



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Sorry to say I am STILL working on finishing Returner pt 2. (my Aki/Minako fic), I know it's taking forever and I really feel bad about that but atm I am even busier than I was in March. My hubby and I are moving to a new apartment next Monday along with that I have 2 speeches to write and give for Oral Comm., two essays to write for Comp 2., a baby shower for my sister to attend and my M-I-Ls B-day is coming up so I may not have much time if any to work on writing for the next few weeks. On a lighter note I will have 2 weeks off from school starting June 9th so I will be spending as much time as I can finishing up Returner pt. 2!

I would also like to blame Reno (again) for halting my finishing Returner as well since I the ideas for All'improvviso Amore and Sexify My Love popped up while I was trying to work on finishing it. Damn you Reno for being so freakin sexy and so damn easy to write about. Maybe I should change my desktop (it's currently one of Reno) back to the Akihiko one I have. Anyways I will be writing more Reno stories as well as more Aki/Minkao and Vincent Valentine stories in the future. Along with anything my mind can imagine with GIMP...I have a Reno Desktop that I made and have as my current desktop wallpaper. I plan to post it once I find the links to the brushes I used.  With that I bid ya'll farewell for a few weeks atleast...I should be back commenting and posting some new stuff as soon as the semester is over. :hug:
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I'm a 30 something female who is obsessed with anime, comics, music, gaming, and art. Happily married for 10 plus years to the love of my life. Currently playing the crap outta: Persona 5, Disgaea 5, Samurai Warriors 4-II , Dragon Age 2 , The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, Final Fantasy Explorers, Amnesia (the Otome VN), and various mobile Otome VNs. And in some dirty corner of my mind I wish Akihiko Sanada was real so I could jump his bones and be "His Girl" forever. Although I must admit that I would not mind being Reno's girl either!!! Damn sexy red-headed Turk is too hot for his own good. :lol:

Current Residence: Michigan
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Favorite anime/video game character(s):Abraham Van Helsing (Code:Realize), Impey Barbicane (Code:Realize), Dante, Theo (P3P), Ikki (Amnesia), Kent (Amnesia), Akihiko Sanada, Father Abel Nightroad, Alucard, Sanosuke Harada, Souji Okita, Ignis Scientia, Reno, and Vincent Valentine.
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