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Animated Hotties by Kero1980 Animated Hotties by Kero1980
Whipped this up with GIMP and some pics I had in my Hot Guys folder...all the pics are official art or screenshots from games/movies. I would like to thank ShinjisGirl since her list inspired me to do my own list :hug:!

My top 10 animated hotties list....
10. Father Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood)- Sexy, silly and bad ass, don't piss him off unless you have a death wish.
9. Shinjiro (P3P)- Beneath the cold exterior lies a sweet guy with a big heart.
8. Jushiro Ukitake (Bleach)- Gentle and kind but underestimate him at your own risk.
7. Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach)- Quiet, calculating, and passionate. Still mourning his beloved late wife.
6. Theo (P3P)- Handsome odd-ball with a soft spot for the FeMC.
5. Raiden (MGS Rising)- He is lightning and then some, can kick your ass with a sword in his teeth and no arms.
4. Akihiko (P3P)- Socially awkward boxer with a naughty side what more could you ask for.
3. Vincent (FF7)- Aloof gunman with a tortured soul but deep down he cares for those he's close to...he's my kind of dark handsome gothic prince.
2. Dante (DMC)- Sarcastic, cocky, flirt whose smirk makes the fan girls panties wet (mine included =P)
And drum roll please my number 1 is.....
1. Reno (FF7)- Fiery tempered and sure of himself, loyal as hell to the Turks, a playful wise ass; dear lord when he smiles or flashes his infamous smirk I melt into a pile of goo. :drool:

I kinda noticed a pattern in my choices they all wield guns or swords and have black or white hair....well except for Reno who is the odd man with his EMR and red hair but I think thats what makes him so sexy, he's an odd duck and rather proud of it.

All characters belong to their respective companies because if I owned them I would be really tired...if you know what I mean. *wink, wink...naughty grin*
JUUSHYSANGEL7 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011
I'm *Keeping Jushiro, Abel, & Vincent!* ^_^
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